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Case study

Chasing the best solution


A truck delivering to our client — AM Recycling — accidentally damaged specialist firefighting equipment located in their warehouse. Repairs could only be carried out by specialist suppliers who relied on an Austrian manufacturer, who wasn’t able deliver to them for ten weeks! In the meantime, in order to comply with their insurance policy, AM Recycling needed to employ fire wardens.


We provided the truck’s Motor Fleet insurers with comprehensive details of anticipated costs, as well as a written estimate, and they appointed Loss Investigators. We also emphasised the additional guarding costs until the new equipment was installed.

We continuously chased the insurers involved, as there appeared to be no urgency to inspect the damage.

We were eventually informed that the truck’s Motor Fleet policy excluded such damage and they would not be covering their client! Fortunately, we were able to point out they were mistaken in their interpretation of their own policy and they agreed to deal with the claim…….three months after the incident had occurred!


Installation was finally carried out and settlement agreed, after more than four months of constant chasing on our part. AM Recycling said of our work for them: ‘Venture have always provided a first-class service, but ultimately it’s their experience and expertise that sets them apart and means we’re happy to take their advice on all things insurance!’

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Account Manager

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