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Case study

Getting the facts straight


It’s quite common for our haulage clients to receive vague allegations that they’ve either collided with another vehicle, or an ‘unknown item’ has fallen from one of their vehicles and hit another vehicle. This sometimes happens even when our client’s vehicle wasn’t in the area!

One case involved an insurance company receiving an allegation that an object from our client’s truck had fallen and hit a nearby car. However, the exact location wasn’t provided, nor was a time of day or a registration number — odd, for such a seemingly dramatic event.


Our client, Freightline South West Ltd, was absolutely sure that this incident hadn’t taken place, so their insurance company was able to deny any liability. They requested further details to prove our client’s truck was involved. However, there was no further correspondence from the claimant and they were unable to supply photos. So, due to the lack of information, it was unthinkable to even consider the claim.


Not unsurprisingly, the claim didn’t progress and was withdrawn, because there was no evidence to prove our client’s involvement. At Venture, we’ll always defend our client’s position until firm evidence can be supplied to prove otherwise.

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Alec Cole
Client Director

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