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5 Reasons You Should Speak To Venture About Dashcams

12th January 2021

In the past, we’ve helped haulage clients to defend against fraudulent claims where the claimant has been unable to provide sufficient evidence of an incident and there has been a mismatch in times and locations in comparison to the driver’s schedule. Increasingly these days the use of dashcams, which record the view from the front of your vehicles, is becoming more prevalent and we’re more than happy to recommend them on the following grounds:

    1.    They can reduce fraudulent claims.
In instances where a third-party incorrectly claim that your vehicle is at fault, the footage from a Dashcam can quickly establish who was at fault and nip fraudulent claims in the bud. There is also a growing trend for ‘crash-for-cash’ incidents where fraudsters will initiate a crash in order to claim against insurance. The Insurance Fraud Bureau calculates that these claims alone mount to £340m per year.

    2.    They can enable quicker processing of non-fault claims.
In the event of an accident, you need to process your claim, get repairs carried out and get your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible. Dashcams reduce the need for lengthy investigations and collection of witness account, meaning you reduce claim costs and get your vehicle up and running sooner; reducing the impact on your business from hiring replacement vehicles and so on. Insurance statistics state that 40% of claims are disputed, yet with dashcam footage that reduces to just 1-2%.

    3.    They can record driver behaviour
The dashcam supplier SmartWitness point out that there is an immediate improvement in driver behaviour, locations and speeds are logged accurately and that young or inexperienced drivers can be more rigorously monitored while they complete their training. Better driving results in a decrease in accidents and claims.

    4.    They can reduce your premiums.
It stands to reason- if there are fewer claims against your insurance, you can quickly resolve any non-fault claims and your drivers are even more diligent due to the presence of the camera then your insurance premiums will fall.  Dashcams should be considered as part of your overall risk management strategy. As claims numbers and values drop for the reasons given above, insurance premiums should also fall.

    5.    Because we can lend you some to see how you get on with them. Free of charge.
We have a special offer available for SmartWitness dashcams- which you can buy or lease direct from them. If you would like to try out the cameras for yourself then we have some in our office that you are welcome to borrow- just get in touch.

Venture can help you find cover tailored for your business; please get in touch to find out a little more. Call your usual contact or 0117 363 7800 and speak to Alec Cole ([email protected]) who can discuss options with you.

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Alec Cole
Client Director

[email protected]
0117 325 0648

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